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UL350iS - 130HP Se i full størrelse

UL350iS - 130HP

  •  78.4kg
  •  130hp
  •  € 19 600

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Displacement 3503 cc [213.77 cu in]
Bore 105.6 mm [4.157 in]
Stroke 100 mm [3.937 in]
Compression Ratio 8.7 : 1
Firing Order 1 - 3 - 2 - 4
Direction of Rotation Clockwise - seen from cockpit
Maximum Torque
(ISA conditions)
320 Nm [236 ft.lb] @ 2400 rpm
Power rating
(ISA conditions)
130 hp @ 3300 rpm
Installed weight 78.4 kg [172.8 lbs] (including all accessories, oil and exhaust)
DC output 30 Amp (+/- 15 Amp available above engine/fuel pump needs)
Oil capacity 2.5 L [0.66 US gal]

Unleaded automotive gasoline with min. 98 oct. RON (89 MON = 93 AKI).
AVGAS 100LL may also be used if regular fuel is not available.UL350iS: Price and availability


Pricing Information

We made the strategic decision to offer the UL350iS with the highest quality components and finishing, electronic engine management and multi-point fuel injection as standard features. ULPower supplies almost all you need in our basic price.

The table below gives the ULPower factory end-user price. Contact a local dealer for more specific pricing in your country.

UL350iS list price is € 19,600. This includes:

  • Basic UL350iS engine (including: starter motor, alternator, standard air and oil filter, standard prop flange with drive lugs ø14, flexible oil pressure sender line)
  • Electronic ignition and fuel injection system (including: ECU and standard wiring loom, standard electric fuel pump, 2 fuel filters, double ignition coils, ignition leads)
  • Breather with Oil/Air separator (including: temperature resistant hoses and banjo connections)
  • Standard Stainless Steel Exhaust System (including: gaskets, springs, screws and washers)
  • Rubber Mounts
  • Rectifier/regulator and connectors
  • Aluminium Ram Air Boxes
  • 24 months Standard Limited Engine Warranty

All prices indicated are excluding taxes and transportation costs.
Deliveries to private individuals within the European Union are subject to 21% Belgian VAT. Prices subject to change without notice.

Optional Accessories / Extra's:

Plywood crate, packaging and handling € 145
Complete Oil Cooler Kit - Click here for details  
Complete Fuel Connection Kit - Click here for details  
Extra Fuel Pump Kit - Click here for details  
Adaptor Plug for oil temp sensor
UNF 5/8" - M10 or M10x1 or M12x1.5 or 1/8 NPT (see spare parts list)
€ 17
Fuel Pump Relay (30 Amp) E0825001 € 10
Double Banjo Eye M8/Ø5 for MAP sensor F2510808 € 10
Extra price for light weight fuel pump (650g) in place of standard pump (810g) € 70
Prefabricated engine mount pins and washers to weld to engine mount € 106

Quotes for transport of engine to your specific delivery address can be provided upon request

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UL350iS - 130HP

UL350iS - 130HP

  •  78.4kg
  •  130hp
  •  € 19 600

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